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She heard him cry. I realize that this may sound crazy, but I think I've fallen in love with your younger sister. She took a taxi to the hospital. She was advised by him to go abroad while she was still young. She used to go mountain climbing with him. He still wants to come. You just wait there. I will come and pick you up. Do you like snow? Today's her birthday and she told me she wants me to buy her flowers. I'm looking for a gift for my wife.
Mediainfo: - That company is managed by my older brother.
- He visited Nara by bus.
- Do you think he made that mistake on purpose?
- Would you please wait for a few minutes?
- Yes, and pigs might fly!
- I like classical music.
- Will you have dinner with me?
- I'm not busy.
- I saw a dog.
- Here comes the train.
I thought that Tom was kind. You'd better stay in bed for a few days. I wish I could figure out how to control my appetite. I gave my sister a pearl necklace on her birthday. It'll definitely rain. Why didn't you dance with him? He made up his mind to marry her. I can't live that kind of life. This carpet feels nice. According to her, he won't come.

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